Hair Extensions-When Length Matters

Jun 12 , 2021

Shelia McLendon

Hair Extensions-When Length Matters

Long, silky, healthy hair will radiate beauty, fitness and youth. A modification of haircut is usually enough to form you a look that is refined, younger or just totally different. Hair extensions is a  progressively widespread manner of instantly getting that long lovely hair that many dream of!


Growing your hair long takes 5-6 years at one cm per month! Hair extensions will offer you around twenty one inches of thick hair in only some hours! There are 2 main kinds of hair extensions. Hair extensions are often created out of artificial fibers or out of human hair.

Human hair extensions tend to be the popular option for hair extensions as a result of they give the impression of being and feeling the most natural then the artificial or synthetic kind. Also, heat can not be applied to most artificial fibers inflicting some inconvenience if an individual has to use hair appliances.


The draw back of human hair extensions is that it is typically more expensive then the artificial ones! The price of human hair extensions as a result differs  due to the type and length of extensions needed.

Untreated and uncolored hair extensions typically are more costly and are more durable!  A modification of the hair haircut is usually enough to form you look that is not only refined, but younger or just totally different.

Additionally, this hair is excellent for people who fancy some braids, dreadlocks or just a fuller head of hair and a unique look! As mentioned earlier, hair weaves and hair extensions may even be created out of artificial or natural hair. There are 3 kinds of hair weaves:

(1) Bonded Hair Weave – this is often the least sturdy hair weave and can lasts one month.  To obtain this sort of style, the hair weave gets affixed to the scalp with bonding glue.

(2) Braided Hair Weave – this is often a two step procedure. The natural hair is adorned on the middle of the scalp (cornrows under the weave) and so the hair weave gets seeded into the braids. This style commonly lasts around two months or so.

(3) Fusion Hair Weave – this is often the most lasting hair weave, since it needs to be modified around three months or so.  This procedure involves using a fusion appliance to adhere the hair weave to the natural hair.


Both hair extensions and hair weaves need considerable maintenance. The hair ought to be treated with mild respect and cleansed and moisturized daily with a decent conditioner.

Remember, that whereas natural hair gets the required oils and wetness from your scalp, hair extensions and hair weaves don't conjointly, looking on the design and procedure for your hair extensions/hair weaves, you would possibly even have to go to a stylist every few months to repair your hair extensions thanks to your natural hair re-growth.


Whichever type of hair extension you select, continually consult your hair specialist for recommendation, and choose the procedure of your choice. Finally, get pleasure from your lovely new hairstyle!