How To Install Clip Ins Extensions On Natural Hair

How To Install Clip Ins Extensions On Natural Hair

If you're looking to add curl to your hair, you might be wondering how to install clip-ins. In this article, we'll discuss how to install these hair extensions, as well as blending kinks and curls. We'll also talk about how to clean your clip-ins. And finally, we'll show you how to install the clip-ins themselves.

Preparing your hair for clip-ins

Before you begin using clip-in hair extensions, you must first prepare your hair. You must wash, condition, and comb your natural hair. Once the hair is thoroughly dry, part it into sections that will eventually form cornrows. Make sure that your braids are not flat against the scalp; otherwise, the extensions will be difficult to clamp onto your hair. The best way to attach the clip-ins is to do so horizontally, starting from the nape of your neck and working toward the front of your head.

Once you've brushed and towel-dried your hair, cut it to match the desired shape. Clip-in hair extensions come with blunt ends. If yours is wavy, consider thinning it with a clip-in hairstyle. Curly hair extensions are more likely to blend in with your natural hair if they're layered. For an even better blend, have your stylist dry-cut the clip-ins to match your current cut.

Creating a variety of hairstyles with clip-ins

Curly natural clip-ins are a versatile way to add volume, length, and curl to your hair. They can also help you create different protective styles. The most important part of clip-in installation is the quality of the hair. Curls can be added to any hairstyle, but the most natural-looking results are achieved with quality clip-ins. This guide will give you tips for installing curly clip-ins.

Clip-in extensions for curly hair come in a variety of shades and textures. HeyCurls, for example, sells clip-in extensions made specifically for curly hair. They can be installed by you, without the need for a salon, and look beautiful and natural. Natural hair girls can achieve a variety of hairstyles with natural clip-ins, and it's an easy way to get a trendy look without a lot of time and effort.

Washing your clip-ins

If you are wearing clip-in hair extensions, you should wash them regularly. The first thing you should do is shampoo and condition your hair. Next, you should style the clip-ins just like your natural curls. This will help them blend seamlessly into your hair. If your clip-ins stick out, take them to your trusted hair stylist who can cut them to blend better. Listed below are tips to help you style them right.

Before you start washing your curly natural hair clip-ins, you should understand your own curl type. Type 3c-4a curls are kinky, dense, and big in volume. However, they are often the most difficult to maintain. These curls experience the most shrinkage. If you wear curly hair clip-ins, you should avoid using products that contain alcohol and sulfates.

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