The Basics of Hair Types 3C, 4A, 4B and 4C

Jun 11 , 2021

Shelia McLendon

The Basics of Hair Types 3C, 4A, 4B and 4C

Each class is then broken down into subcategories that are tagged using letters like A, C and B. The most common hair kinds among black girls are forms 3C, 4A, 4B and 4C. But it ought to be said that a number of individuals have a blend of a couple of hair types.

What's Form  is 3C Hair

3C hair consists of tight coils that are densely packed together.  3C curls are vulnerable to dryness, frizzing, limpness, tangles and restricted body/volume. If you've got this sort of hair, do not allow the absence of quantity block you from rocking a natural appearance. They will effortlessly blend in with your natural curls and provide you the volume you want.

What's Form 4A Hair

4A drops under kind 4 hair is commonly known as Afro or coily hair loss. The hair has a naturally defined
curl pattern together with the feel being be wiry or delicate. Additionally, 4A hair is light and brittle thus
requiring mild protection and care.

Our "My Coils"; 4A Curls are created with this feel in your mind. They're certain to provide an
unmistakable all-natural 4A appearance without placing too much effort into it so leaving you with all
the much-needed time to perform additional jobs.

What's Form 4B and 4C Hair

4B and 4C are extremely similar in features and are somewhat difficult to distinguish. We could say that 4B is a moderate version of 4C. Since they are nearly the same, we will only have a peek at 4C features which will insure both 4B and 4C.

The most conspicuous feature of the hair type is it will shrink to less than 30 percent its initial length. This can immediately be observed when the hair gets to contact with water. It is really tough to be aware of the period of 4C hair when it is not stretched out.

4C hair is somewhat different from 1 individual to another. It may be tender, thin and cotton-like or class and thickly packed. But something that's common is how delicate it is. It breaks more readily in comparison to 3C and 4A hair styles. This makes protective fashions like wigs and weaves, like our "My Kinks" feel , more appropriate for individuals with 4B/4C hair loss.

How Can I Rock My Normal Hair?
We are all aware that it requires a whole lot of work to keep our normal hair. But it is possible to take a rest once in a while by locating the ideal feel to complement your normal hair with Kinky Curly Yaki. In this manner, you may pick whatever suits you at a specific moment. The excellent thing about our trousers is they match the organic hair so nicely it is difficult for a different individual to tell the difference!

By this time, you have already identified that which hair type you've got and feel confident to show off it. You can rock it is or utilize a number of those textures to offer you a natural appearance.