What's the Best 30 Hair Color For Black Women?

Jul 02 , 2022

Shelia McLendon

What's the Best 30 Hair Color For Black Women?

What's the Best 30 Hair Color For black women?

What's the best 30 hair color for black women? The answer to that question will vary widely depending on your skin tone and facial features. However, if you want a natural look, you may try a dark brown or medium auburn color, which are all shades of brown. If you'd like a blonde look, go for a lighter shade. There are also many shades of light blonde that you can try, such as a medium blonde or light ash blonde.

Medium brown

A rich red auburn hair color is an excellent  30 hair color choice for people with tanned skin and cool undertones. It creates the illusion of younger, glowing skin. This warm shade of brown is the perfect choice for balayage highlights. Tortoiseshell, a multi-dimensional look, uses caramel and chocolate browns to create rich ribbons of color. Tortoiseshell is great for anyone who wants to add a sun-kissed effect without going overboard.


To add a little edginess to your hair, you can try ombre or highlights. If you are going to a conservative workplace, it's best to stick with a natural hair color. However, if you want to add a sultry twist to your look, try cinnamon brown or a golden brown ombre. Either way, it's a great look for anyone with warm skin and green or hazel eyes.

Medium auburn

Medium auburn is one of the most flattering red hair colors for all skin tones, and it's a classic look for the fall. Auburn combines various shades of red, with undertones of ginger and brown. The color can range from light to dark, but it looks stunning on just about any skin tone. Here are some tips to maintain your new look:

If you've always admired the looks of women with medium auburn hair, you'll love the new look! Medium auburn hair color looks stunning with a voluminous low bun and highlights of caramel or copper. To make it even more chic, try a hairstyle inspired by Ariel the Little Mermaid. Medium auburn locks can be sleek and simple or wavy and messy like Ariel from the Little Mermaid.

Medium blonde

The most popular medium blonde 30 hair color hair color for black women women is dirty mushroom blonde. This shade is neither too dark nor too light. Casual beach blonde is a more neutral color, and looks best on brown-haired women. This look incorporates darker highlights and warm sun-kissed highlights. Other great colors for this age group include red hair with golden balayage, and brown with white highlights. The beauty world keeps changing, and hair color is no exception. As the years pass, you can try different shades of blonde to add subtle depth to your locks. While you might be tempted to change your hair color to a pink-hued medium blonde, it will only make you look cheesy. Rather, think about enhancing your natural beauty by choosing a shade that is more natural and flattering to your skin tone.

Light blonde

When it comes to 30 Hair Color, your skin tone and age are incredibly important factors in choosing the best shade for you. Your beauty routine should be evolving with you, and so should your hair color. For example, a baby-pink blonde hair color is probably not appropriate for your 30s. Instead, focus on accentuating your natural beauty by adding brightness and contrast. Pastel shades aren't just for babies anymore, either. You can snag a similar look with Kate Hudson's hair.

For a youthful, polished look, a soft, natural shade of blond will do the trick. If you have pale skin, a strawberry blonde shade is perfect for you. A warm shade of blonde known as "strawberry" is a nice choice for older women with pale skin. A warm blonde shade will also make your eyes stand out. You can use accessories to make your light blonde hair stand out even more.

Dark blonde

Dark blonde is a beautiful hair color for many skin tones. It's warmer and easier to maintain than lighter blonde shades. To add extra appeal to dark blonde hair, try adding lighter ends. Light blonde ends are especially flattering on lob and bob haircuts. You can even change the entire color to something completely different if you want to add a splash of color to your look. Dark blonde hair can be a great choice for men, too.

Light brown hair still has its charm. The ash trend up top can be kept but the ends can go darker. Your colorist can add more silvers and tone down the brassiness with toning products. You can also choose a blunt bang for a cool look. If you don't want to have to shave your head or get a perm, dark blonde hair is a great choice for this age group.