What's the Difference Between 27 Hair Color and 30 Hair Color?

Jul 02 , 2022

Shelia McLendon

What's the Difference Between 27 Hair Color and 30 Hair Color?

If you're thinking of getting a new hair color, you're probably wondering about the difference between 27 Hair color and 30 Hair color. In this article, we'll look at why you should go with the latter, and what the difference is between them. It's not just about hair color! You'll also learn the difference between a blonde and a brunette hair color. Here are the key differences between these two hair shades:

27 vs 30 hair color

Many people ask themselves: what is the difference between 28 and 30 hair color? While 27 and 30 are close in color, they are completely different in tone. The former belongs to the blonde family, while the latter is a mixture of light brown with a touch of red. This color is often described as strawberry blonde, a shade that is popular with dark-skinned people. If you're wondering what color is best for you, here are some guidelines.


You'll want to know what shade blends with your own natural hair color. In general, you'll want to stay away from shades that clash with your skin tone. While a dark shade of red may look good with your tanned skin, a deep, chocolate brown will clash with your skin tone. A warm shade of black can make your hair appear more temperamental. The same is true for a warm shade of brown, which matches well with 27 or 30 hair color.