How To Care For Braids

May 01 , 2022

Shelia McLendon

How To Care For Braids

Absolutely nothing brings Black ladies with each other like the head tap. You understand, the one we can not quit doing while putting on a protective style. Despite the hair's top quality, the stress of a wig, pigtails or expansions, typically types inflammation on the scalp due to the fact that we think our regular cleaning regular should discontinue while our all-natural hairs are stashed. Au contraire; that's one of the greatest blunders we make.

If you want to maintain the appearance of your braids, here are some tips. Begin by picking a clarifying hair shampoo to assist get rid of excess product accumulation from the scalp. Next off, mix equivalent components hair shampoo as well as water right into an applicator container. This is done to weaken the uniformity of the hair shampoo and also alleviate the washing procedure. Make use of the pointer of the application container and also use the hair shampoo mix straight to the scalp, making certain to extensively cover the whole surface area.

With your fingertips, carefully hair shampoo your scalp in tiny round activities. Mild stress will certainly avoid frizz as well as assistance maintain your pigtails cool. Repeat the hair shampoo procedure again, paying very close attention to your soft round activities! As soon as you are done, rinse completely! And also when you assume you obtained it full blast ... rinse once again!


HairbySusy Braid Oil1

Susy is the hair stylist who helped Solange Knowles with her iconic braided styles. The hair artist has a unique blend of plant-based oils and herbs to tame frizz and add natural luster. To use, rub a few drops between your palms and smooth through the length of the braid. It smoothes out flyaways and amplifies shine.

EssyNaturals Hair Growth Oil

If you want to grow your hair fast, try the EssyNaturals Hair Growth. This formula contains caffeine and biotin, which strengthen thinning hair. The oil smooths out your hair and prevents frizz, breaking, and tangling. It also contains vitamins and nutrients that help nourish your strands. It also contains castor oil, which is rich in omega-6 fatty acids. In addition, caffeine helps to stimulate hair follicles and make them more active.

Sea Breeze astringent

Sea Breeze Astringent is an alcohol-based product used to clean and refresh the scalp. It is also used for pre-shampoo treatments and astringent conditioning treatments for oily and permed skin. It helps in removing dry cuticles, dissolving excess oil, and refreshing the forehead after perming and coloring. Sea Breeze Astringent also serves as a pre-makeup conditioning spray for oily skin. Its gentle cleansing and toning qualities are ideal for those with oily skin or those who need to apply makeup. It is also an effective pre-shampoo conditioner for greasy skin and even as a pre-makeup conditioning spray.

Oyin's pomade

Oyin's Pomade for Braids is a buttery, nourishing all-vegetable formula that resembles old school 'hair grease.' It contains essential fatty acids and projects a shine and locks in moisture. The pomade sinks into the hair without feeling heavy. Its berry scent is the perfect compliment to a summer day's activities. The burnt sugar pomade gives braids and loose hair a rich shine.

Covering braids with a silk scarf

If you're not comfortable wearing your hair in braids, you can easily cover them with a silk scarf. Fold the scarf into a triangle and tie the ends at the base of your scalp. This can keep your hair from unraveling while you're drying it. Cover all or parts of your hair with a scarf for the best results. To add an elegant finishing touch, use a bobby pin or satin roller to hold the ends of the scarf in place. You can also tie a scarf to hide loose corners of your hair.

Avoiding mineral oils in braid moisturizers

While mineral oils can have some benefits for your scalp, they are not recommended for use in braid moisturizers. Natural oils are better options that can soothe your scalp and retain moisture while not clogging your pores. Look for natural leave-in conditioners that are formulated specifically for braids. This way, you can get the moisture your braids need without having to worry about feeling greasy. Using t12he wrong type of braid moisturizer can also lead to breakage.

Protecting hair extensions before bed

If you want your hair extensions to last as long as possible, protecting them before bed is an absolute must. There are a few different w12ays to protect your hair extensions before bed. You can braid them to prevent them from moving or getting tangled. It's also important 12to make sure that you brush them thoroughly before bed to prevent any damage. Alternatively, you can remove them using a hair extension comb. This will ensure that you don't rip your hair extensions.