Official Guide to Telling The Difference Between 4B and 4C Hair Types

Official Guide to Telling The Difference Between 4B and 4C Hair Types

The first thing you should know about hair types is that there are different subtypes of Type 4. The main differences between the four subtypes are: the curl pattern, texture, and length. Then, you should know the characteristics of each subtype. You can determine which one is right for you by looking at a strand of your hair. The most obvious difference between the four types is the length. The four types of hair all have slightly different characteristics.

Natural 4B hair is the most tightly coiled type of hair. It is soft but coarse, and requires a lot of moisture. It tends to be darker than 4b hair. You should avoid using styling products on this type and try to avoid the heat as much as possible. You should also use a moisturizing leave-in conditioner and moisturizer. These will help to prevent breakage.

The most important way to tell the difference between 4C and 4B hair is to check the curl pattern. This type of hair tends to be brittle and is easily broken. A good rule of thumb is to use a moisturizing shampoo instead of clarifying shampoo. These two types of hair are very similar, and both have the same appearance and texture. For those who want to know how to tell the difference between 4B and 4C hair, they can use the same method.

Type 4B hair is fine, thick, and has coils. Compared to type 4C hair, it is less curly and has less definition. Because of this, it needs more care than the other types. You can protect your hair by wearing a silk or satin cap. The best way to care for your 4C hair is by taking proper care of it. You should also make sure you moisturize it regularly.

If you have a 4B type, your hair is usually drier than a type of 4C. This is because your hair needs a lot of moisture to stay healthy and shiny. If you don't moisturize your hair regularly, it will lose its shape and become weak. It is important to use a hair conditioner with a moisturizing agent that will help your tresses retain moisture.

As you can see, the hair types of type 4A and 4C are not the same. The only major difference between these two is the texture of the hair. A type 4A has loose coils, while a type 4C has tight coils. A 4B has loose coils. However, a type 4C may not be very easy to style, and it needs a lot of moisture.

Type 4B hair has small curls and zigzag patterns. This type has less defined curls and is more likely to be dry and frizzy. It is more likely to break than a type 4C, but it is possible to spot a type 4B by looking at it in person. It is not prone to shedding, and it will not cause your hair to knot. A style with a zigzag pattern will not be long lasting, unless you use a protective treatment on it.

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