What Is Indi Remi Hair?

What Is Indi Remi Hair?

Despite its name, what is Indi Remi Hair?  And how does it differ from other types of human hair? Indi Remi Hair  is unprocessed, with intact cuticles in one direction. This hair is often confused with virgin hair but the two terms are not the same. To better understand this, we'll take a closer look at each type. Listed below are the main differences between virgin hair and remy hair.

Virgin Indi Remi Hair is the highest quality human hair. It has a dark color and varies in thickness from fine to medium. It can blend in with ethnic textures, and it is easy to flat iron to a sleek straight style. It can also be color-lifted to an indian shade with lighter or blonde hair colors. This is why Indi Remi Hair is the preferred choice for extensions and wigs.

This type of human hair is collected from a donor and undergoes minimal processing. Because of this, it's soft, silky, and tangle-free. Its cuticles are aligned and mimic the natural growth direction. This is the key to remy hair's incredible natural beauty. It also retains its softness and shine, which is essential to maintaining the natural look and feel of a woman's hair.


As mentioned, Raw Indi Remi Hair will have split ends. It will also have a non-uniform curly pattern. When brushed, a quality raw Indian hair will feel smooth going downwards, while it will have resistance when brushed in the opposite direction. This indicates that the cuticle is intact and is in good condition. The same applies to other types of Indian hair. There are many differences between Indian hair and Asian hair.

Among the different types of Indi Remi Hair, the most popular type is the loose wave. This type looks like a body wave, but is softer and more natural. Indian Remi hair is also versatile and can be curled and straightened. It's also free from harmful chemicals used in its production. This type of hair is also easy to care for and can be used as a base for wigs, extensions, and more.

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